Three Simple Ways to Find the Meaning of Life


As you visualize your goal, start taking steps toward achieving it. You can allocate a little time every day or every week to work toward it. For example, if your how to create meaning in life goal is to find a new job, you can aim to do at least one job application every week. You can maintain a journal where you write down your dreams and goals.

  • For example, some people believe religion is paramount while others do not.
  • Discovering your purpose helps you to articulate your meaning in life.
  • To manifest something means to make your dreams, goals, and aspirations a reality by believing you can achieve them.
  • If being healthy so you can run around with your young children is important to you, how might this value motivate you and affect the choices you make as you go through the day today?

If you’re anxious about them, writing down your fears can help you identify your anxiety triggers so you can work on finding solutions. You can create a vision board where you pin up images and notes about your goal. For example, if you’re working toward your dream home, you can start pinning up ideas for the location, rooms, decor, and landscaping. Therefore, your focus and interest in something—whether it is work-related, or simply a hobby—can help you develop expertise, build networks, and in turn, attract opportunities that will help you meet your goals. Strongly believing that you can achieve your goals can help you focus your energy and actions toward them.

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If you are interacting with a family member, or co-worker, take the time to be fully present and really listen to what the other person is saying, rather than being caught up in your own agenda or script. If you are walking from the parking lot to your office, take time to move out of the thoughts in your head to observe your surroundings and see how many things you are aware of that you may not have noticed before. If you are eating a meal, notice the textures and flavors as if they were ones you had never experienced before. Of course it is likely that you may slip back “into your head” as you try this, but each time you catch yourself, gently and compassionately bring the focus of your attention back to your present moment experience. Start with just a few minutes at a time that you can designate as your mindful moments.

The Values-Based Goal Setting exercise can help translate values into committed action. Powerful emotions often overtake our values in directing our behavior. We fear writing the book we have always wanted or doubt our ability to commit to a relationship. The Value Cards group exercise provides 42 values (plus some blanks) that can be cut out to form a deck of cards. Work with your client to identify what is most valuable to them before they commit to action; for example, being creative, learning, or showing compassion to others. The terms are sufficiently close to saying that in the absence of either, our life lacks a story.

Is something feel missing? Here’s how to find your meaning in life

Expressing why you enjoy the hobby helps to build and strengthen positive associations with the hobby. However, do not be unreasonable with your expectations of your environment. Your child might have a meltdown, or you might drop a box of eggs on the floor, but these experiences will have less of a negative impact if you already have a sense of control over your environment. Practice bringing full presence and a sense of newness to the unfolding moments in your day, like an actor performing a play for the first time. If you need further help in discovering your purpose, check out the video below where Justin Brown gets into a profound discussion with the shaman Rudá Iandé about how to find your purpose.

  • We’ve all heard of people who have everything they thought they wanted — the perfect job, home, spouse, etc. — but who were not content.
  • Because the world won’t magically stop turning and give you a quick break from all of your responsibilities, the key is learning to manage your stressors.
  • There’s also research that links feeling as if you have a sense of purpose to positive health outcomes such as fewer strokes and heart attacks, better sleep, and a lower risk of dementia and disabilities.
  • Maybe a kid who has experienced racism decides to become a civil rights advocate.

When this happens, you’ll find an improved sense of well-being. With all of those benefits, finding purpose and meaning in your life is clearly central to fulfillment–but it’s likely to take time and patience. A 2016 study published in the Journal of Research and Personality found that individuals who feel a sense of purpose make more money than individuals who feel as though their work lacks meaning. Based on those three pathways, here are some relatively simple things you can do to maintain or enhance your experience of meaning in life. For example, Mike is working on Hope, which is nowhere near the top of his list of strengths.

How and why finding meaning in life can improve well-being

In a recent study from the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, researchers reminded people of stressful topics previously shown to make participants upset and defensively hostile. They then asked participants to describe how their life goals reflected their highest values. Awe can be inspired by seeing the beauty in nature or recalling an inspirational moment. Gratitude can be practiced by keeping a gratitude journal or writing a gratitude letter to someone who helped you in life.

how to create meaning in life

Although there is some agreement on what leads to meaning in life, ultimately, the definition of meaning depends on who you ask. What is a love triangle when you don’t care about any of the characters involved? The Vampire Diaries and The Summer I Turned Pretty, two very notable love triangles, made us care about the three characters involved (in some capacity, whether that be love, like, disdain, or hatred) almost from the jump. But, it’s rather difficult to care for Alex, Cole, or even Jackie from the very beginning of My Life With the Walter Boys. To know what is meaningful to you, you must have a sound sense of self. That means defining the values, principles and beliefs that will guide you throughout life.

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Losing your sense of life’s meaning can land you in an existential depression. It’s hard to get out of bed in the morning when every day feels meaningless. If you have a religious or faith tradition, you have an existing structure of meaning–role models, stories, and codes of behavior to guide you on your path. You see, most people feel like they are waiting to find their purpose in life. You could also do community service or join a program to clean up the environment.